Premium Pillow Cover 2 Pack - Kit of 2 (Total 4 pillow protectors)

Cherish the joy of sleeping on a plush pile of pillows. The Premium Pillow Covers offer a breathable, comfortable shield for your pillows.
  • Comfortable Protection: Crafted from stretchable, breathable polyester, these covers keep your pillows fresh and inviting, ensuring you wake up rejuvenated each morning.
  • Bedbug-Proof and Pest-Resistant: Enjoy undisturbed sleep as our covers create an impenetrable barrier against bed bugs and crawling pests, guaranteeing peaceful nights.
  • Water-Resistant Defense: Protect your pillows from unexpected spills and stains, including coffee, tea, blood, urine, and more, preserving their pristine condition.
  • Complete Pillow Protection: This 2-Pack provides four covers, defending against pests, allergens, stains, and odors, ensuring your pillows remain as good as new.

Easily maintain your pillows with machine-washable convenience. Trust in the quality and reliability of our Premium Pillow Cover 2-Pack for a worry-free sleep experience.

Our Premium Pillow Cover 2-Pack helps you maintain a fresh and clean sleep sanctuary. Whether you're a pillow enthusiast or just crave the comfort of a well-protected pillow, this 2-pack offers you double the protection and peace of mind. Enjoy the luxurious feel of your pillows with our stretchable, breathable polyester fabric that keeps them feeling fresh and comfortable.

Free yourself from the relentless nuisance of bed bugs and crawling pests. Our Premium Pillow Covers form an impenetrable barrier, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep. Protect against coffee spills, tea mishaps, blood stains, urine, and other liquids, ensuring your pillows stay pristine. With this 2-pack, you'll have a total of four pillow covers, providing comprehensive defense against pests, allergens, stains, odors, and more.

Keeping your pillows fresh is effortless with our machine-washable covers. Installation and removal are a breeze, making laundry day a stress-free experience.

Installing your Premium Pillow Cover is a snap. Unzip it, slide it over your pillow, and securely close the interlocking zipper. It's that simple. Crafted from 100% polyester fabric, these pillow covers combine plush comfort with reliable protection.
Enjoy double the peace of mind with our 2-Pack, ensuring your pillows stay fresh and clean for longer. Crafted from stretchable, breathable polyester, these covers maintain the plush comfort of your pillows while providing essential protection. Machine-washable for effortless upkeep, these covers make it simple to keep your pillows in tip-top shape, ensuring a hygienic and cozy sleep experience.
  1. Prepare Your Pillow: Begin by ensuring your pillow is free of any additional coverings or pillowcases.
  2. Unpack and Unzip: Carefully remove the Premium Pillow Cover from its packaging and unzip it fully to prepare for installation.
  3. Slide It On: Slide the cover over your pillow, making sure it fully encompasses the pillow's dimensions.
  4. Secure the Zipper: Once the cover is in place, securely close the interlocking zipper, ensuring a snug and protective fit.
How to Clean Your Premium Pillow Cover: Maintain the freshness and longevity of your Premium Pillow Cover with these care instructions:
  1. Unzip and Remove: Begin by unzipping the cover and gently pulling it off your pillow.
  2. Machine Wash: Place the cover in your washing machine. Opt for a gentle cycle with either cold or warm water. Avoid hot water, as it may affect the fabric.
  3. Mild Detergent: Add a mild detergent to the wash cycle, steering clear of bleach, which can compromise the cover's quality.
  4. Gentle Drying: After the wash cycle, remove the cover from the washing machine and choose either a low heat setting or opt for air drying. High heat can harm the fabric and its protective properties.
  5. Even Drying: During the drying process, periodically check the cover to ensure it dries evenly. A little shake or fluff may be needed to prevent clumping.
  6. Back on the Pillow: Once the cover is completely dry, slip it back onto your pillow, securely zip it shut, and make any necessary adjustments.
  7. Stubborn Stains: If you encounter stubborn stains that weren't completely removed during washing, treat them with a stain remover before repeating the wash. Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach, which can harm the fabric.


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Safe for children, pets, and people with respiratory issues.


Keep your bed fresh hassle free.


Slide on and zip to encase whenever you need a refresh.


Traps bed bugs and pests inside and stops new ones from entering.



A quality mattress is expensive. Make sure you protect your investment with a mattress protector. Mattresses can get soiled with dust, allergens, pests or accidents. Hygea Natural’s mattress protectors will extend the lift of your mattress. It offers full pest, liquid and stain protection. Encase your mattress, box spring and pillow keeping them clean and sanitary so you can have a good night's sleep.

We offer full protection for your bed including encasements for your mattresspillow and box spring




Follow these instructions to correctly install your mattress cover

Before opening the mattress cover, please make sure the dimensions and size of the cover will fit your mattress. If you purchased the Vinyl, it does not stretch.

1. Strip your mattress of all bedding

2. Remove the cover from its packaging and unzip fully

3. Fully align the cover on the mattress, and slide the unzippered side on the top of the mattress (For easier installation, stand mattress against the wall)

4. Slide the cover all the way, until it fully covers the mattress

5. Zip the mattress cover fully. This should be done when the mattress is on the bed.



Using a mattress cover can protect your mattress from spills, stains, and odors. It also extends the life of your mattress. Our mattress covers are also pest-proof, providing you with total protection against bed bugs, dust mites, lice, and allergens. Replacing your mattress can get very expensive, which is why a mattress cover is so important

We recommend cleaning your mattress cover every few months, or more often if you have allergies or pets. If your mattress is infested with bed bugs, keep your cover on for a year before removing it since bed bugs can live up to 1 year without feeding.

Measure the height, width, and length of your mattress and choose a cover that matches those dimensions. Note that the Luxurious cover stretches from 9” to 15” but the Vinyl has no stretch.

The Vinyl Mattress Cover is 100% waterproof. We recommend using a Vinyl cover if bed-wetting may be an issue. Some examples include sleepaway camps, old age homes, and young children that are potty training. We also recommend the Vinyl Mattress Cover to protect your box spring since it is made of durable, heavy-duty vinyl.

Our covers feature an interlocking zipper that encases the entire mattress. The zipper, combined with the impenetrable material, prevents any pest from entering or escaping the mattress.

An efficacy study on our mattress and pillow covers proved that The Hygea Natural covers effectively prevented bed bugs from feeding. It was conducted at the Department of Medical Entomology, ICPMR, Pathology West, Westmead Hospital by Stephen L. Doggett and  David Lilly on October 22, 2014. The study revealed Hygea Natural can be considered 100% bite-proof according to the test they performed.