Extra Strength Bed Bug & Lice Laundry Additive 32oz

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Say goodbye to bed bugs and lice while keeping your laundry fresh and clean. Our Extra Strength Bed Bug & Lice Laundry Additive is your family-friendly solution for pest-free washables.
  • Effortless Pest Elimination: Effortlessly eradicate bed bugs and lice from your clothing and linens, restoring your peace of mind with every load.
  • Family-Friendly, Non-Toxic Formula: Prioritize safety with our non-toxic formula, making it ideal for homes with children and pets, as it eliminates pests without endangering your loved ones.
  • Versatile Across Laundry Items: Our additive is compatible with all laundry-safe items and water temperatures, ensuring you can apply it to any fabric with confidence.
  • Seamless Integration into Your Routine: Incorporate pest control seamlessly into your cleaning regimen, maintaining a pest-free laundry with minimal effort. This laundry additive is 66% stronger than our leading formula!

Trust in our additive for a laundry experience that's not only fresh but also free from unwanted intruders, providing you with clean, pest-free washables each time.

Having trouble removing bed bugs from your clothing? Bed bugs love to hide in fabrics and linens where they can expand their numbers undercover. Our Extra Strength Bed Bug & Lice Laundry Additive is your non-toxic, family-safe, and hassle-free ticket to reclaiming your belongings from these uninvited intruders.

Extra Strength for Extreme Infestations: For extreme bed bug infestations, our Extra Strength Bed Bug & Lice Laundry Additive is the answer. It's a remarkable 66% stronger than our leading formula. Switching to this laundry additive after some time will lower the bed bug's ability to develop immunity, ensuring your treatment remains effective.

Your family's safety is paramount. Hygea Natural's Extra Strength Bed Bug & Lice Laundry Additive is non-toxic, which means you can use it confidently on clothing and items used by children and pets. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals that pose risks to your loved ones.

Our laundry additive is compatible with any laundry-safe item and works effectively in any water temperature. Whether it's bedding, clothing, or linens, you can trust our additive to provide the assurance you need to eliminate bed bugs and lice.

Don't let pests invade your personal belongings. Our additive offers an added layer of protection, whether you're proactively preventing infestations or dealing with a current pest problem. It seamlessly incorporates into your regular cleaning routine for a hassle-free pest control treatment.

Use our Extra Strength Bed Bug & Lice Laundry Additive proactively as part of your preventative routine to ensure pests never become a problem in the first place. It's an excellent way to maintain a pest-free environment year-round.

When faced with a large number of bed bugs and lice during an infestation, our laundry additive is your reliable partner for effective treatment. It helps you eliminate these pests from your belongings, providing peace of mind.

Combine our additive with your favorite laundry detergent or use it by itself for a powerful standalone treatment.

Ensure your laundry is not just clean but also pest-free with our Bed Bug & Lice Laundry Additive. Say goodbye to pest-infested belongings and enjoy the confidence of knowing your family and pets are safe from these unwanted intruders. Make it an integral part of your laundry routine for seamless pest control. Trust in our formula to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve!
Effortlessly rid your laundry of bed bugs and lice, ensuring impeccable cleanliness. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a non-toxic extra strength formula, suitable for your entire family. Versatile compatibility with all laundry items and temperatures makes it a breeze to use. Seamlessly incorporate pest control into your laundry routine for lasting results, keeping your washables fresh and pest-free.
  1. Prepare Your Home: Begin by preparing your home for the bed bug treatment. Pack your belongings into clear plastic bags, which will help you keep track of any bed bug activity.
  2. Load Your Washing Machine: Consult the chart to determine the recommended amount of Bed Bug & Lice Laundry Additive based on your laundry load size. Add the specified amount to your washing machine.
  3. Wash Your Laundry: Load your washable items into the machine and start your wash cycle as usual. Allow the additive to work its magic in eliminating bed bugs and lice from your clothing and linens.
  4. Dry Your Items: Once the washing cycle is complete, transfer your dryer-safe items to your dryer. Set the dryer to the highest possible heat setting to ensure that any remaining pests are eliminated.
  5. Pack in Clear Plastic Bags: After your laundry is clean and pest-free, pack it into clear, unused plastic bags. This step helps prevent re-infestation and allows you to monitor the success of your treatment.
  6. Continue Treatment: Continue with your bed bug treatment plan as recommended, following our Bed Bug Treatment Guide for best results. Regularly monitor for any signs of bed bug activity.
  7. Avoid Unpacking Prematurely: Do not unpack your belongings until all bed bug activity has ceased, ensuring a thorough and effective treatment.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 5.0%, Sodium Chloride 1.0%, Citric Acid 0.20%.
Water, Urea, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate.
Ingredients listed total 100%
This product qualifies for exemption from registration with the EPA under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide ACT (FIFRA)
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SKU: EXT-1004X
UPC: 857160003842
Country of Origin: United States
Size: 32 OZ
Weight: 2.15 Lbs
Dimensions (LxWxH): 3″ x 10″ x 10″

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We originally made our products for our sister companies, Home Clean Home (a cleaning company) and Bed Bug 911 (an extermination company). These companies provide heavy- duty and hoarding cleaning services. They also deal with extreme pest infestations. Our products need to handle even the toughest jobs, while still being safe to use around families. That is why all of our products are for DIY and professional use. We do not compromise quality or safety.




Getting rid of bed bugs can be a lengthy process. If not done correctly, the bed bugs will continue multiplying and infesting your home. So we gathered tips from top exterminators at our sister company Bed Bug 911 and created this step-by-step guide. We want to ensure you use our products as efficiently as possible so you make it to the end free of bed bugs. Please follow these steps for guaranteed results and read our bed bug info page to learn more about bed bugs.



Follow the instructions on the product label and our 3-step treatment
1. Collect all laundry-safe materials. Do a load of bed bug laundry using the Hygea
Natural bed bug laundry additive(link). When done, put the clean fabrics inside
sealed, clear plastic bags. Do not remove until you are bed bug-free
2. Shake the bed bug spray well.
3. Apply the spray wherever you see bed bugs, including your mattress, box
spring, headboard, carpet, walls, and sofa. Bed bugs like to hide near the host. So
make sure to inspect anywhere you frequent.
4. Vacuum all areas of your home after you use the spray.
5. Inspect weekly for a few weeks to ensure no new bugs have hatched.

It activates on contact. When you spray directly onto the pest, it burns
the outer shell, stopping it instantly. This bed bug spray is a naturally derived
product and does not have lingering effects.

Our spray is safe to use near children and pets due to the non-toxic
ingredients. We do not recommend spraying directly on any human or pet, as this
is not the product's intended use.

These products work for most crawling pests, including bed bugs, dust mites, lice, allergens, ticks, stink bugs, ants, bird mites, etc. Our spray activates on contact, so results are immediate. If you are unsure, try praying once and see if the pest stops moving.

Avoid buying second-hand furniture such as a mattress or couch. If you
bring an infested item into your home, bed bugs will overrun your entire home within a few weeks.

- Maintain a clutter-free home.
- Seal any cracks on the wall, sockets, baseboards or anywhere bed bugs can
- Use our bed bug travel spray(link) wherever you go to ensure you do not bring bed bugs home with you. Spray before leaving the laundromat, movie theater, car service, or anywhere else bed bugs may be. When traveling, spray your luggage, hotel room, bed, car service, and airplane seat. Always inspect your hotel room. Lift the mattress and check the seams to make sure no bed bugs are hiding.

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that you will never get bed bugs again. We recommend using our mattress, box spring, and pillow covers to protect your bed. These are the most difficult areas to clean when infested with bed bugs.

To learn more about bed bugs click here.


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