EasyBreeze All purpose cleaning wipes

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Introducing EasyBreeze cleaning wipes, the perfect solution for a quick clean up. Wipe down your counter, furniture, walls, or any other water safe surface. Made from biodegradable bamboo, these wipes feature an environmentally responsible formula that attacks dirt and grease with every wipe, leaving behind a captivating fragrance. Purchase in bulk or try both fragrances to save even more! Check out our Floor and Surface Cleaner with the same amazing scents!

  • Made from biodegradable bamboo
  • Environmentally responsible formula
  • Tough on dirt and grease

Introducing our new cleaning wipes, EasyBreeze. designed to make cleaning a delightful experience! Our cleaning wipes not only smell amazing but also effectively get rid of dirt and grease, leaving your surfaces sparkling clean and fresh.

With a refreshing scent that uplifts your mood, our cleaning wipes make cleaning more enjoyable. The powerful formula cuts through grease and grime, making it easier to clean tough messes. Whether you're cleaning countertops, appliances, or other surfaces, our wipes are up to the task.

Convenient and easy to use, our cleaning wipes come in a convenient pack of 50 that you can take anywhere. Keep them in your kitchen, bathroom, or car for quick and effective cleaning whenever you need it. 

Experience the joy of cleaning with our amazing-smelling, dirt, and grease-fighting cleaning wipes!

  1. Open the pack of cleaning wipes.
  2. Pull out a single wipe from the pack.
  3. Reseal the pack to prevent the other wipes from drying out.
  4. Wipe the surface thoroughly, ensuring all dirt and grease are removed.
  5. For tougher stains, allow the wipe to sit on the surface for a few moments before wiping.
  6. Dispose of the used wipe in a trash bin.
  7. For best results, reseal the pack after each use to keep the wipes moist and effective.

Water, Sodium Citrate, Surfactants, Chelant, Preservative, Fragrance


MSRP: 25
Country of Origin: United States
Count: 50
Weight: 0.5 lb
Dimensions (LxWxH): 7x3.5x3.5

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We want to ensure that every home can access professional-grade cleaning products while staying safe and free of toxins. Our products are available in ready-to-use or concentrated formulas, allowing you to customize your clean based on your needs. 

The Hygea Natural cleaning solutions are used in heavy-duty cleaning as well as hoarder homes, so performance is key.

We use non-toxic ingredients and no harsh chemicals in our versatile cleaning products. Our chemists are committed to continuously creating new formulas for your every need.


Quick cleaning results in a flash.


Naturally derived ingredients. Safe for use around kids and pets.


A leading manufacturer and global provider of natural and environmentally-safe products.


Our spray bottles are HDPE and recyclable.



Our products remove dirt, stains, and grime quickly and effectively, saving you valuable time and effort. They are formulated with powerful enzymes and surfactants that break down and dissolve tough stains, leaving surfaces sparkling clean. Many of our cleaning products also have multipurpose uses, making them even more convenient and efficient, and some continue working overtime to give you long-lasting results.


Our ready-to-use formulas are great for quickly cleaning up any job. You do not need to mix them with water and can use them straight from the package. The concentrated formulas give you the ability to customize your cleaning supplies. Check the label for mixing instructions for different uses. Our versatile products have multiple use cases for all-purpose and heavy-duty cleaning.

Non-toxic products use ingredients like surfactants, enzymes, and D-limonene to eliminate grease, stains, and dirt. These ingredients are naturally derived and don't contain any harmful chemicals or toxins. Non-toxic products are a safer option for your family and the environment. They are also more effective than 100% natural or homemade cleaning products.

Our products are rigorously tested and used in heavy-duty cleaning projects, hoarder home cleaning, and professional janitorial services. 

Many of our products have multiple applications, saving you time and money. Our Spotless Essentials All-Purpose Cleaner also treats pests on contact. Our Citrus Sparkle Natural Degreaser doubles as an all-purpose cleaner. The Magic Finish Floor Cleaner continues to work during and after application to eliminate grease in tiles over time.

Most of our cleaning solutions are biodegradable. We always use recyclable packaging.


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Pet Stain & Odor Remover