Steam Cleaner Single Boiler

The Single Boiler Steam Cleaner is a powerful and versatile steam cleaner, designed to provide efficient cleaning for a variety of surfaces. It produces steam at 327 F with a maximum pressure of 87 PSI (6 bar), this steam cleaner delivers a high volume of steam to effectively remove pests, dirt, grime, and stains from floors, walls, countertops, mattresses, couches and more.
The power of the steam will ensure a perfect hygiene that is able to melt even the toughest dirt or pests without using any chemicals. All you need is water

  • BUILT TO LAST – Stainless Steel encases the highest quality components and a well refined design to ensure an extended life expectancy.
  • POWERFUL - Encased in this package is an amazing combination of temperature, pressure with less than 5% moisture dry steam. Deep clean naturally, sanitize, kill dust mites, bedbugs etc., as well if not better than any steam vapor cleaner or on the market. Clean easily and swiftly while sanitizing 99.9% of all germs in your home or business.
  • OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE - Single tank 2.1 liters and a flexible 9 ft hose with trigger switch control 15 Foot Electrical cord
  • FUNCTIONALITY - Made with a Stainless Steel Cylindrical Insulated Boiler, a pressure flow regulator dial and digital displays pressure and temperature
  • 25 PC SET - Includes quality tools and accessories

PLEASE READ THE MANUAL BEFORE FIRST TIME USE Slowly remove the pressure cap to take out any residual steam and then slowly fill 2 liters of water. Close the cap and wait until the display shows H2O signal. DO NOT fill any chemicals or detergents in the refill tank. * We recommend filtered water if possible. Always good quality low mineral content water is best such as filtered or bottled. Distilled is void of minerals. Tap is acceptable but should be descaled more often. Open the front cover and insert the hose. Push the hose plug into the socket until you hear a click. Plug into a 120V ; 60Hz outlet with grounded connection. Turn ON and the boiler will start to heat the water. The display will show the temperature. First time use, leak the exceeding air by pushing the steam switch on the hose pistol grip a few times. Your machine is now ready to use.      

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