Floral Pet Grooming Combo

Includes Shampoo 16 oz + Perfume 3 oz

This Combo is the perfect gift for any dog. This 2 in 1 pack has everything you need to make sure your pet smells good. Our gentle pet shampoos and perfume are naturally derived and never use harsh chemicals. The Aloe and Vitamin E in our pet shampoos will moisturize your pet’s skin and give their fur a healthy shine, while smelling great. Use the perfume in between showers. Our perfume is very concentrated, so a little goes a long way


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Hygea Natural’s Gorgeous Oatmeal Pet Shampoo turns your regular pet hygiene routine into a luxurious, refreshing spa experience. Make your pets feel fresh and fabulous with a premium nourishing cleanser. Our gentle pet shampoos are naturally derived and never use harsh chemicals. The Aloe and Vitamin E in our pet shampoos will moisturize your pet’s skin and give their fur a healthy shine.

Regular bath times promote good health and wellbeing for your pets, and makes for a great bonding experience. Let your four-legged friends know they’re loved by pampering them with high quality, natural pet care products. The Hygea Natural Gorgeous Pet Shampoo is free from harmful toxins, and the soft floral fragrance will make any lady feel more refined!

Our Oatmeal Pet Shampoo is safe for use with kittens and puppies 12 weeks old and above. Use We never use harsh ingredients preferring formulas that are non-toxic, and dye and paraben-free.  Treat your pet to a top-quality bath time experience that they’ll love fur-ever. Grab a bottle of the Hygea Natural Buddy Shampoo today.

Use the perfume in between showers to keep your pet smelling great. Our formula is very concentrated, so all you need is a little.



Shampoo Ingredients:

Oatmeal, Certified Organic Aloe Vera, Chamomile Extract, Yucca extract, Certified Organic Jojoba Oil, and Wheat Germ Oil.

Perfume Ingredients:

Water, Perfume, Coconut Derived Surfactant Blend, Potassium Sorbate (preservative).


SKU: HN-2001
UPC: 857160003705

Combo Pack Includes:

Floral Pet Perfume, 3 oz + Gorgeous Shampoo, 16 oz


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Made with natural ingredients

for pets with sensitive skin

We only use high quality, naturally derived ingredients that are gentle on skin and fur, but tough on dirt and grime.


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Great for sensitive skin!


Verified customer

I don’t normally write reviews but I’m so happy I came across this product. My French bulldog has pretty delicate skin & we normally take her to the groomers for her baths but with quarantine & all we are giving them at home. I bought burts bees from target out of desperation & it was a big mistake. She was so itchy we had to get her an allergy shot from her vet. So I started to browse sensitive skin shampoo with natural ingredients for dogs & found this product. I was a little nervous to try something new so I used just a little bit for her bath & no reaction. I gave her another bath a few days later with about 2 quarter sized amounts & I could see the dirt rinse off in the water. It’s scent free so she just smells like a clean pup. Her coat is so shiny & soft. I even felt comfortable to use a washcloth & a tiny bit of soap to clean the folds on her face which I normally just use water. The shampoo from her vet is super expensive & has a ton of chemicals so I’m glad to go the natural route. Good price & it will last us a while. If your pup has sensitive skin like mine it’s worth a try.

Life saver!! Can’t live (or smell!) without it


Verified customer

Great product! We weren’t able to bathe our puppy for a long time when we got him due to a number of reasons, which led to a really smelly dog. So i ordered this pet cologne after my friend recommended it, and it worked wonders!! He smelled like he was fresh out of a bath after just a spray or two, and the smell lasted until the next day. The smell is so delicious too, really clean and not over powering at all like another one i tried from the pet store that was making me sick. Def recommending it, and also going to try the other scent and shampoos. Pic added for cuteness :)

Finally a sensitive skin shampoo that works!


Verified customer

We used this shampoo on our 10 month old 60 pound puppy, who suffers with extremely sensitive skin. We already daily give him all kinds of vitamins and fish oils orally, but finding a shampoo that doesn’t irritate him – seemed impossible, until we found this Product.
Our dog no longer goes crazy after showers, rubbing himself on anything he can find to alleviate the irritation. And mainly, he comes out super clean and smelling good!

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