Bed Bug Treatment Spray & Travel Spray Combo

Avoid getting bed bugs while traveling with this Bed Bug Treatment Spray and Travel Spray Combo! Protect yourself from bed bugs and crawling pests both at home and on the go.

  • Natural Bed Bug Treatment: Use this spray for bed bugs, dust mites, ticks, and more
  • Combo Pack: This bed bug treatment kit contains both a 24 oz and 3 oz spray
  • 100% Efficacy: Lab-tested by a world-class entomologist for effectiveness
  • Activated on Contact: Treat bed bugs and pests on the spot
  • Non-Toxic: Naturally derived ingredients. Family-safe


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Avoid bringing bed bugs home after traveling with the Hygea Natural Bed Bug Spray and Travel Spray Combo. Made with natural ingredients that are effective against bed bugs and their eggs, this bed bug kit is safe to use daily, even with children and pets around. The 24 oz spray can be applied to all areas of your home, including mattresses and furniture, while the convenient Travel Spray is perfect for managing bed bugs on the go. With this powerful combination, you can deal with bed bugs before they have a chance to hide in your belongings or infest your home, giving you peace of mind and protection against these pesky insects.

Most people bring bed bugs home while traveling. If you want to avoid that, you need to treat your home and your belongings for bed bugs right away. By staying proactive, you can prevent an infestation from growing before you realize it. Don’t wait until your bed bugs are out of control. The best way to stop things from getting out of control is to stay ready at all times.

If you’ve recently had a bed bug infestation, this combo gives you peace of mind. Use it in the weeks following your extermination as a follow-up treatment to prevent your bed bugs from returning. It’s also a great way to prepare your home for extermination and ensure your treatment is successful. With its innovative formula that contains no harsh chemicals, our non-toxic bed bug treatment offers an effective and safe way to get rid of bed bugs without putting your health at risk. Since there is no residual effect, it won’t leave any stains or odors. That makes it a convenient and hassle-free solution for your home. You can rest easy knowing that you’re keeping your home safe from unwanted pests and toxic chemicals at the same time.


This is the ultimate bed bug product bundle.  The 24oz bed bug spray and 3 oz travel spray creates a comprehensive approach handling a bed bug or pest infestation. Taking care of a bed bug problem requires a multi-faceted plan. Use this combo pack to for bed bugs on all of your water-safe surfaces and washable items for a safe, effective, and well-rounded plan of action.

  • Non-toxic, naturally derived formula
  • Use for bedbugs, dust mites, and other crawling pests
  • Safe around children & pets
  • Unscented stain-free and residue-free bedbug spray
  • Use with a comprehensive bed bug treatment for maximum effectiveness
  • Part of a good bed bug cleaning regimen, pair with laundry additive
  • Can be used by professionals or at home
  • Manufactured in the USA

What to Love

Enjoy well-rounded protection from pests while traveling with this 24 oz spray and travel spray combo. The non-toxic, odorless formula is discreet and safe for daily use.

Hygea Natural’s bed bug and pest treatment products are made for professionals and available to the public. They are used by real exterminators every day.

We provide you with a 3-Step Bed Bug Treatment Guide with every purchase.

When you follow it, you can achieve professional pest control results at home.


Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 3.0%, Sodium Chloride 1.0%, Citric Acid 0.20%.

Water, Urea, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate.

Ingredients listed total 100%

This product qualifies for exemption from registration with the EPA under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide ACT (FIFRA)


Apply the bed bug spray directly to any water-safe surface. The non-toxic pest control formula is activated on contact. Follow our 3-Step Bed Bug Treatment Guide for maximum results.


MSRP: $45.00
SKU: EXTC-2505
UPC: 857160003132
Country of Origin: United States
Size: 3 oz, 24 oz
Weight: 1.85 lbs
Dimensions: 4.5″ x 3.5″ x 9″

3 Oz Travel Spray
24 Oz Spray


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Products made by professionals

for professionals

Our child company, Bed Bug 911, has decades of experience in providing professional pest control solutions. We have worked for years to develop the most effective and safe products for our bed bug experts on the field.

As a result, we created the Bed Bug 911 Treatment Line: effective for use on bed bugs, lice, and other pests, yet safe to be used by do-it-yourselfers at home.

Don't know where to start?

Follow our 3 Step Bed Bug Solution Guide!

I am an exterminator since 1991. Besides the high efficiency of the Bed Bug 911 Treatment Line, I feel safe because I know these are natural-based products manufactured in the USA I can use anywhere, anytime.

Our Comprehensive

3 Step Bed Bug Solution

Our bed bug treatment process consists of three steps – Preparation, Treatment, and Prevention. This comprehensive bed bug solution provides impactful results. It is used by professional exterminators every day at our child company  Bed Bug 911.

1. Preparation

Prepare to manage a bed bug infestation, by bagging all washable, machine-safe items, and take it to your laundry area. Pay special attention to linens, sofas and mattress covers, rugs and curtains.

Fill your washing machine and use the Bed Bug Laundry Additive in your wash cycle.

2. Treatment

Once your home is prepared, spray Bed Bug 911 generously in all affected areas.  Most bed bugs live within 8 feet of their host, so spray along the mattress and box spring thoroughly.  Spray in any place that bed bugs can hide. 

Apply Bed Bug 911 Treatment Spray in the closets and along baseboards. 

3. Prevention

We can all take proactive measures to reduce the likelihood of a future bed bug infestation. We recommend using a mattress encasement which protect against bed bugs that may try to enter your mattress.

Additionally, we recommend carrying a Bed Bug 911 Travel  Spray while in public places.


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The best Bed Bug solution!!!


I found product easy to use and has no unpleasant “chemically” odor. Tried two other products and neither one was effective. Dust mite eradication is EXTREMELY difficult, because you will never get rid of ALL of them, because they are naturally occurring, unlike bedbugs or cockroaches. Aside from cleaning and throwing stuff out, the HVAC system must be professionally cleaned or all will be in vain. Have carpets and upholstered furniture cleaned as well. Vacuum often and don’t ignore “dust bunnies”. It can turn sinister really quickly. I hope this information is helpful to others. Do yourself a favor and try this first!

Only thing that worked to keep them away while we waited for treatment.


Honestly, if you’re traveling and find yourself in a space with these buggers RUN. They are incredibly easy to take home and incredibly difficult to remove from your house. This spray however will keep them from biting you temporarily and is probably a good idea to spray on luggage, etc, if you’re traveling through suspect places. It was the only thing that worked for us around our bed while we waited for treatment.

You have to try this!


Got this earlier than the estimated delivery time, totally awesome. We used the spray and it totally works on contact. Love that the scent doesn’t choke you. It says unscented but it really has a very light pleasant smell initially then fades in minutes. Can’t wait to try the laundry detergent, hope it works although I haven’t seen any bugs in my clothing, just want to be sure they aren’t just hiding. Gonna order more of the spray soon to keep as a maintenance item.

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