Ellatū Hair Mask

The Hygea Natural premium hair mask is one of the only of its kind that contains the powerful polymer hyaluronic acid in an innovative and updated formulation for restoring dry and damaged hair. It contains a luxurious fragrance and the highest quality ingredients including: vitamin E, Jojoba oil, ampulla, and hyaluronic acid.



After 3 years of extensive research and development at our laboratories, we achieved a scientific breakthrough on restoring damaged hair that has been processed from straightening, heat, and dye. Our powerful yet gentle mask does not contain SLS, SLES, nor harmful salts that are often used in many hair masks.

The Hygea Natural Premium Hair Mask contains 7 unique functionalities for a comprehensive treatment. The moisture is uniquely absorbed by the hair follicles, it reduces volume and frizz, strengthens the hair fiber, increases elasticity, and created a uniform surface along the hair.

Frequent use of the premium hair mask helps prevent breakage, especially from dyers, straighteners, and heat. The hair is left soft, pleasant, and well moisturized.