Tips in Selecting the Right Private Label Pet Care Manufacturer

Looking to start your own line of pet care and grooming products? Private Label is a great way to get started, but there are a few things you should consider when choosing a manufacturer.

Not all private-label manufacturers are the same, and it’s important to know that your needs will be met if your pet product brand is going to be successful.  Make sure you do your research before you determine what works best for you.

Private Label Statistics

Private label pet care is an incredibly lucrative industry with serious growth estimated for the next several years. Revenue in the final quarter of 2019 was estimated around $1.6 billion. In 2020, private label pet products pulled in at least $2 billion in revenue for every quarter.

Pet specialty products alone pulled in nearly $600 million in retail profits for the sector. That’s some impressive growth from the year before. For the past several years, growth in the market has been following a positive, upwards trend.

New products are hitting the market place all the time, and overall the industry is booming. Now is the perfect time to seize the moment and launch your own line of pet care products. 

Private labeling vs manufacturing your own product

When making the big decision between private labeling and manufacturing your own product, there are a few key items you need to consider. While there are pros and cons to everything, there will definitely be a clear winner based on your needs. 

The do-it-yourself approach of manufacturing and supplying your own products can be tough for new business owners. Contract manufacturing requires business owners to take on every aspect of creating, stocking, and distributing the product completely on their own.

On top of that, you’ll have to balance marketing, sales, and customer service between your business and your clients. While that route might be appealing to some, it can be a lot for a small business to take on when launching a new brand or product line – especially for first-timers or small businesses that do not have the endless budgets and manpower of a big corporation.

Manufacturing your own products can make you feel more independent at times, but independence also means higher overhead, higher liability, and higher risk.

Private labeling allows businesses to brand the products of other manufacturers as their own.  This route is not only convenient, but it gives you a great starting point to break into the marketplace with a pet product you know you can trust.

Putting your brand’s label on products that are ready to go help to cut down on the stress and costs of trying to develop a product from scratch, and the commitment to purchasing quantity is much more forgiving.

The exclusivity of owning your own, private brand of trusted, high quality products can also contribute to consumer loyalty, something absolutely necessary to establishing yourself as a pet product authority.

Some private label manufacturers also assist with storing and distributing the products you license, making it convenient for online sellers to set up shop and start selling right away. If creative control is your concern, look for a manufacturer that offers customization. 

How to select the right private label company for pet care products

  1. Is the formulation up to par? When dealing with pet products, formula is everything. Both pets and their owners need to love your formulas or your products will move slowly. They need to be pleasing to the senses, but they also need to be effective.

    A manufacturer that emphasizes customer satisfaction and excellent craftsmanship in their formulas is your key to success, and if you want to stand out from the competition it’s important to ask about custom formula options. 

  1. Ingredients quality. For pet products, quality of the ingredients themselves is just as important as having a rockstar formula. A brand that offers wholesome ingredients that their customers love is more likely to conjure up repeat customers – especially for those that are health-conscious.

    Using top quality ingredients will give your private label pet product launch a cutting edge. 

  1. Pet product variety. While you may want to keep it small when you first start your brand, being able to easily expand your offerings down the line is a must for increasing profits and customer retention.

    Plus, having a decent amount of options to choose from gives you more control over your new line of pet products. A large variety of pet products  to choose from also means you have plenty of options to explore while keeping your brand cohesive.

  1. Customization. To stand out in the pet product world, your brand will need to bring something unique to the table.

    Rather than simply slapping your label on a generic dog shampoo, work with a manufacturer who will create that special something you need to make waves. 

  1.  Packaging and design features. The first thing to keep in mind when exploring packaging options is your return on investment.

    Does the packaging provide a sufficient amount of product for the cost? Whether or not the packaging is attractive matters, too. If the manufacturer will assist you in creating your label that’s even better. 

  1. Expertise is everything. Working with private labeling companies should streamline the research and development process.

    A pet product manufacturer who knows the industry, its trends, and its consumers will really help you develop a product that will help your brand’s longevity. 

  1. Customer Service. Pet product manufacturing is only one aspect of private labeling, although it is an important part. Commitment to customer service can really make or break your experience as a seller.

    A good private label manufacturer will be able to meet your specific needs when launching an exclusive line of pet products.

  1. Distribution capabilities. One of the perks of private labeling is knowing the logistics are being taken care of.

    Pet products are used by people everywhere, so being able to ship to your customers wherever they may be gives you access to a wider portion of the market.

  1. Inventory and storage. Making sure you have sufficient inventory goes hand in hand with quality customer service.

    A good private label manufacturer will always make sure you have enough product to keep up with demand, but not too much to cause you unnecessary overhead.

    When pet owners need something, they need it now. Don’t let an out of stock pet wipe come between you and your profits. 

  1. E-Commerce friendliness. While all of the qualities we mentioned are important on their own, bringing them together to sell online efficiently should be a top priority.

    Being able to kickstart your online business and reach your customer base immediately will be key to the success of your brand. 

Why go for pet care products?

People want to pamper their pets with products they trust. Offering your own line of exclusive products is a great way to start your own business, or expand on an existing one.

Whether you are looking to take advantage of market trends, or a groomer looking to offer their clients something special, pet care products offer a wonderful opportunity to build a loyal customer base.

Why choose Hygea Natural?

At Hygea Natural, we only use the highest-quality, naturally-derived ingredients. That’s because we know your customers expect – and deserve – the best.

Anything from our expansive line of pet products is available for you to add to your brand, and all of our formulas are fully customizable.

We’ll store your products in our own facilities, and even drop-ship to your customers around the world. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to hit the ground running online or in-store.


Private labeling is a great way to get your own online pet care product business off the ground. Contact us today for a consultation, and see how easy it is to develop your brand!


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