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Products made by exterminators

for exterminators

Our child company, Bed Bug 911, has decades of experience in professional pest control and extermination. We have worked for years to develop the most effective and safe products for our professional extermination jobs.

As a result, we created the Bed Bug 911 Extermination Line: effective in combating bed bugs and lice and yet safe to be used by anyone who want to do an extermination at home.

1 Gallon Bed Bug Spray Refill

Refill is used to refill

all bed bug spray bottles.

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24oz Bed Bug Extermination Spray 

Exterminator spray is powerful for

bed bug extermination.

Use the spray to kill bed bugs on contact.

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Bed Bug Travel Spray 

Carry a travel spray with you when you travel, use public transportation, or are in public places to kill bed bugs on contact.

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Bed Bug Laundry Detergent

Simply add a cup of the detergent in your wash cycle to elliminate bed bugs in the laundry. 

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