Pets and Bedbugs: How to Safely Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Don’t stress your pets relocating them for a bed bug extermination. Our pet safe, kid friendly method uses powerful, non-toxic treatment solutions.  Keep your home safe from the blood sucking pests without putting unnecessary strain on your precious furry friends.

Dealing with pets and bed bugs doesn’t have to be stressful. The good news is that while they do feed on blood from living creatures, they do not live on people or their pets. This type of pest prefers to hide, only emerging when it’s time to feed. This means you can stop worrying about whether or not you’ll have to do an extermination on  your pets. While you will have to treat your home, pest control can be pet-friendly!

A great pet-safe method for getting rid of your unwanted guests is to throw all of your machine-safe items in the wash. Since bed bugs tend to live in fabrics, we recommend washing all machine safe fabrics, including curtains, towels, and linens.  We recommend using a bed bug laundry detergent to make sure that pests are eradicated. Pack your things into new, clear plastic bags to protect them from reinfestation while you treat your home. This method is a big part of preparing for extermination, as it is a great way to clear clutter and eliminate a large amount of the infestation before any spraying occurs. 

It is imperative to do a complete bed bug prep before extermination. Preparing for extermination can help you drastically reduce the bed bug population in your home before treatment is even applied. It also eliminates hiding places, making any treatment technique more effective. Without a proper preparation, your hard work doing an extermination might be rendered useless, as pests can easily escape and return to reinfest when you let down your guard. 

We developed a non-toxic bed bug treatment spray for the experts at our sister company at BedBug911 to treat homes where relocation of its residents is not an option. This natural bed bug spray is safe to use around kids, pets, and people with respiratory issues as well. Best of all, it is available for public use. Making this treatment option available to all means you can get rid of bed bugs on your time, without sacrificing the health or comfort of your companions at home. This product is a great option for spraying your pet’s bed, which is a great hiding spot for these creepy crawlies!

These non-toxic bedbug treatment methods are used every day by professionals to keep their clients safe, healthy, and bedbug-free. Following these tips will help you keep your pets and family safe. Never lose sleep over dealing with pets and bed bugs. Exterminate like the professionals using non-toxic solutions with powerful results.


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