How Effective Are Natural Cleaning Products?

Are natural cleaning products really effective? They are if you use them right!

You can effectively use natural cleaning products to clean most areas in your home. For the most part, they’re just as good as getting the job done as the cleaning sprays you’re used to.

But there are some things to look out for, especially if you’re concerned about killing germs.

Natural cleaning products are a great alternative to chemical-based cleaners. They’re often safer to use around your home and they don’t leave any residue behind, which means you can breathe easier thanks to their non-irritating formulas.

We pioneer natural cleaning products that make maintaining a healthy environment at home simple. Our Natural Cleaning Starter Kit is used every day by professionals in the industry.

So how effective are naturally derived cleaning products? Here’s what we have to say:


Natural cleaning products are a fresher, more sustainable way to clean your home.

Natural cleaning products usually contain plant-based ingredients. This means that they are non-toxic and family-friendly.

You can feel more confident knowing you’re working with cleaning sprays derived from nature, not made with harsh chemicals in a lab.

They also usually don’t require rinsing, which makes them a simpler way to clean your home.


They use ingredients that are found in nature.

Many people are interested in using natural cleaning products because they are made from ingredients that are non-toxic, safe for the environment, and/or gentle on human skin.

Natural cleaners can be good choices if you have allergies or asthma, since they don’t contain many of the common allergens found in conventional cleaners.

Many natural product manufacturers now have the ability to concentrate these naturally derived ingredients without adding anything that could be harmful to your health, like sulfates or parabens. There are even enzyme-based cleaners that can eat through dirt as well as any bleach.

It’s important to remember that not all natural cleaners are created equal—some may use a small amount of chemicals but still won’t cause you harm if you use them properly.

In addition, some “natural” ingredients can actually be harmful if used incorrectly or inhaled; such as pine oil.
Most naturally derived cleaning products can’t completely sterilize an area.

But they’re great for removing everyday dirt, grime, and household germs.

Also, most cleaners cannot guarantee disinfectant ability, including the vinegar cleaners that most people make at home. This is because “Disinfect” is a regulated term.

The regulated definition of “Disinfect” is: The product must kill 99% of germs or viruses within 10 minutes after contact with the surface. Most ingredients found in nature are not this powerful on their own but are still valuable in the day-to-day cleaning of surfaces.


Plant-based ingredients can be less irritating to people with allergies and sensitivities.

Naturally derived cleaning products are often plant-based, meaning that they can be used safely by people with allergies or sensitivities. Many people have found that they experience irritation when using traditional cleaning products on their skin or inhaling fumes from the product.

Natural cleaning products typically use safe yet effective ingredients (like orange oil) which don’t cause these issues.

Another reason why people choose natural cleaners is that they are environmentally friendly.

When you buy non-green cleaning supplies at your local grocery store or big box retailer, you may be contributing to global climate change by releasing toxic chemicals into our air and water supply. You could also be exposing yourself to harsh agents unnecessarily.

But with a shift towards eco-friendly alternatives like vinegar or baking soda instead of conventional cleaners such as bleach, you’ll feel good about doing your part for the planet’s health too!


They’re not only effective, but better for you and the environment.

Natural cleaning products are a great way to clean your home without exposing yourself and your family to artificial chemicals.

They’re also safer for the environment, as many natural products are non-toxic, biodegradable, and leave no residue behind. Natural cleaning products can be as effective as their chemical counterparts without needing harsh man-made ingredients.

There are natural agents like acetic acid (vinegar) and citrus that can cut through grease.

Because most natural cleaners don’t have strong smells, you can use them around kids and pets without worrying about harmful side effects like headaches or nausea.

This makes them especially useful if you have young children who are starting to do their own chores around the house, or if you have pets that may get into harmful substances while playing outside on their own.


So what’s the verdict?

Are natural cleaning products effective? Yes! They are a healthier, more sustainable way to clean your home. But if you need to sterilize something, you may still need a chemical cleaner.

Natural cleaning products use ingredients that are non-toxic and safe for the environment.

They often use plant-based ingredients, which are non-irritating to people with allergies and sensitivities. If you’re looking to start taking steps toward a more sustainable option to clean your home, why not check out our Natural Cleaning Starter Kit?

It features four different solutions to clean all the surfaces in your home.


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