Bed Bugs: Get Them Out and Keep Them Out

The only thing worse than a bed bug infestation is a reinfestation! Don’t get caught up in an endless bed bug nightmare. Exterminate them for good. With the right tools and proper planning, you can be sleeping soundly again in no time. Get rid of bed bugs like the professionals with this simple to follow, expert advice. 

So you have confirmed the infestation in your home, and now you’re just itching to make it go away. We know the temptation to stock up on exterminating supplies and start spraying is real, but there is much to be done before you begin. Without doing a thorough preparation, the extermination will be absolutely useless. That is why no professional bed bug pest control service is performed without one. Preparing for bed bug treatment ensures that you get the most out of the products you use. It can also help you to eradicate a significant amount of pests from your home before any sprays are even applied.

Step 1: Preparing For Bed Bug Extermination

To get started, make sure you conduct a detailed inspection to identify the areas that are infested the worst. Collect all of your clothing, linens, drapes, and machine-washable items and wash them with some bed bug laundry detergent. To protect your clothing and other laundry items from coming into contact with a new infestation, make sure you put everything in fresh, clear plastic bags.  You don’t want to re-use plastic bags after a load of laundry is complete, in case there were any bed bugs that hitched a ride in the old ones. Keep the bags sealed at all times.

Next, you will want to make sure you give yourself as much space to work as possible.This means emptying all drawers, closets, bookcases, and storage units, and placing the items removed into clear plastic bags as well. The clear bags help you to more easily identify any bedbug activity in your stuff, and helps to keep the infestation contained until you can treat it. Lift your bed off the frame and remove any clocks, mirrors, or picture frames hanging on the wall. The point is to make sure there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide when  the spraying begins. 

Step 2: Bed Bug Extermination Treatment

For the actual extermination, you will want to work slowly and make sure you generously spray the entire area. Make sure you don’t forget important details like baseboards, the headboard and bed frame, as well as the seams of your mattress and underneath couch cushions. Many bed bug killer sprays contain harsh chemicals that can be dangerous to expose your family or your pets to. If this is a concern, try our non-toxic, 100% effecting, natural bed bug spray.

Just as the name would suggest, bed bugs are most likely to infest your mattress, so you will want to deal with this right away. Using a mattress protector will trap any bed bugs missed during the treatment inside where they cannot make a meal of you. Should you need to replace your mattress altogether, using a mattress encasement This is a vital aspect of bed bug extermination, as you want to reduce the chances that they have for survival as much as possible.

Step 3: Bed Bug Prevention

Many bed bugs enter the home by hitching a ride on clothing, backpacks, or purses. Don’t let all of your hard work getting rid of bed bugs go to waste by allowing a reinfestation to take over your home. We recommend carrying a travel spray to use when entering or leaving hotel rooms, taxis, or other spaces where bed bugs might be hiding. It is also best to wash newly purchased clothing before bringing them into your home, especially if they come from thrift stores. A bed bug laundry detergent is a great additive for worry-free assurance. 

Never ever bring home furniture or other items found in the street, and always remember to eliminate clutter whenever possible. Bed bugs do not discriminate between messy and non messy homes. However, reducing clutter will ultimately reduce their ability to hide a thriving infestation. Preventing an infestation is not always 100% possible, however every measure you take to protect yourself will reduce your chances of having bed bugs, and streamline your ability to get rid of them if they do appear. Don’t let bed bugs overrun your life, make them go away and stay away with non-toxic solutions to protect your health and wellbeing.


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