The Hygea Natural Comprehensive

3 Step Bed Bug Solution

Our bed bug Treatment process consists of three steps – Cleaning (Prep), Treatment and Prevention (planning). This is the most comprehensive and effective treatment for bed bugs, the same used by our child company professional exterminators Bed Bug 911.

In preparing the house for extermination – read our Bed Bug Prep Guide, bag all laundry, washable items, and take it to your laundry area. Pay special attention to linens, sofas and mattress covers, rugs and curtains.

Fill your washing machine and use the Bed Bug Laundry Treatment solution in the soap dispenser.

Once your home is prepared, spray the Bed Bug Treatment generously in all affected areas.  Most bed bugs live within 8 feet of their host and can live up to 1 year between feedings. Spray along the mattress and box spring thoroughly and in any place that bed bugs can hide. 

Apply Bed Bug Treatment Spray in the closets and along baseboards. 

We can all take proactive measures to prevent a bed bug infestation. We recommend using a mattress encasement which prevents bed bugs from entering or exiting the mattress.

Additionally, we recommend carrying a Bed Bug Travel Exterminator Spray while in public places.



Bed bug preparation is an extremely vital step to a successful extermination.  We have broken down the process into a few simple do-it-yourself steps.  The instructions we have laid out are the same protocols our trained, professional exterminators have been using for nearly three decades in our award-winning child company, Bed Bug 911 in NYC.

We have everything you need for a safe Bed Bug Preparation at home.

Our Bed Bug Laundry Treatment is scent free, stain free, and 100% effective.

Bag all bedding, curtains, childrens toys and any other washable items for laundry treatment.  

Remove and treat unsalvageable bedding and furniture. Transport items to designated collection points of building.

Remove items off the floor, especially in rooms where bed bugs are present or suspected.

Empty bedroom closets, bedside tables, and drawers to prepare for inspection and treatment.

Remove pictures, clocks, posters and adornments from your walls.

Unplug electronic devices; remove all electrical outlets and light switch plates.

Vacuum the floor excessively and remember to throw away the vacuum bag outside of the house to prevent re-infestation. 

Steam clean and treat your mattress, box spring and headboard. Provide mattress restoration services when possible and mattress, box spring encasements that will keep bed bugs out.

Clean, steam and treat area rugs, curtains and furniture (paying special attention to edges and baseboards).



Once the preparation process is complete, move onto treatment.

Spray the Bed Bug Treatment Spray  generously in all the infected areas including box springs, closets, cracks and crevices.

After the spray has dried, vacuum any dead bug casings and secretions up from any infected areas and steam clean the area.
Once the treatment is complete, return all items that were bagged and prepare for prevention.
Bed bug mattress protectors are the best way to prevent bed bugs from entering or escaping your mattress. 



Mattress and pillow encasements are the perfect addition to use as a preventative measure.

Mattress encasements and pillow protectors prevent bed bugs from entering or escaping mattress and pillows.
The Bed Bug Treatment Travel Spray is the perfect prevention tool for all public places while traveling.

I am an exterminator since 1991. Besides the high eficiency of the Bed Bug 911 Extermination Line, I feel safe because I know these are natural based products manufactured in the USA I can use anywhere, anytime.

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