The Hygea Natural Comprehensive

3 Step Bed Bug Solution

Our 3-Step Bed Bug Treatment was developed by professional exterminators. It incorporates preparation and prevention.

By following this guide, you can maximize the results of your DIY pest control. If you do not, we cannot guarantee you positive results.

Please read our Bed Bug Prep Guide for more information on preparing your home for extermination. Clear any clutter from your home and place it into clear plastic bags.

Remove picture frames and decor from your walls. Take knick-knacks off your shelves. Empty your closets, dressers, and drawers.

Pack all of your clothing, linens, and machine-safe washable items into clear plastic bags. Fill your washing machine with your bed bug laundry and add the Bed Bug Laundry Treatment solution in the soap dispenser.

You may use it alone or with your favorite detergent in any water temperature.

Place your clean laundry into fresh, clear plastic bags until your pest control treatment is complete to avoid re-infestation. DO NOT use the same bags you packed your belongings in before you washed them.

After your bed bug prep is complete, you may begin treating your home for bed bugs. Apply a generous amount of the Bed Bug Treatment Spray to all water-safe surfaces of your home.

Bed bugs prefer to live close to their hosts. But they could be hiding anywhere in your home—especially if you have a larger infestation.

Check for signs of bed bugs like droppings and blood stains around your baseboards, electrical outlets, and furniture so you have a clear picture of the source of the infestation.

Spray your mattress, bed frame, and box spring, paying close attention to the space in between your seams.

Apply the spray underneath your couch cushions, in your closets and drawers, along your baseboards, or any other areas where bed bugs may be hiding in your home.

Bed bugs can lay hundreds of eggs in their lifetime. They hatch in about 2 weeks, and grow to maturity in about 7 weeks.

It is vital that you remain vigilant after your bed bug treatment to make sure you get rid of them all.

Keep your belongings in clear plastic bags. Do a follow up inspection and treatment every 1-2 weeks until there are no signs of bed bugs in your home.

Use a Bed Bug Mattress Encasement to protect yourself from bed bugs hiding in your mattress while you’re sleeping. Doing so also prevents new bed bugs from infesting your mattress.

Make sure you treat any new items you bring into your home for bed bugs immediately, especially secondhand clothing and furniture.

Carry a Bed Bug Travel Spray to protect yourself on the go.



The bed bug prep method that we recommend is used every day by the pest control experts at our sister company Bedbug911. Taking these steps is crucial to the success of your extermination.

If you do not prepare your home for bed bug treatment by following the instructions in our guide, we cannot guarantee your results.

We have everything you need for a safe Bed Bug Preparation at home.

Our Bed Bug Laundry Treatment is scent free, stain free, and 100% effective.

Pack up your clothes, bedding, linens, and other washable items. Do a load of bed bug laundry and place everything into new clear plastic bags.
If you have any infested furniture that cannot be salvaged, pack it up for removal. You must wrap and label your furniture for bed bugs.

Declutter your home and place everything into clear plastic bags to eliminate the places bed bugs can use to hide and survive extermination.

Empty the clothes from your closets and dresser drawers. Remove picture frames, clocks, and other decor from your walls. Clear your shelves.

Unplug electronic devices; remove all electrical outlets and light switch plates.

Vacuum your home, including your floors and furniture, with a specialized HEPA vacuum. Its filter traps small particles like bed bugs and eggs.

Use steam from a high-powered industrial steamer to do a bed bug heat treatment deep inside your mattress and furniture where spray may not reach.

Treat your machine-safe washable items by doing a load of bed bug laundry. Keep your belongings in bags until the bed bug treatment is complete.



Do not begin bed bug treatment until you have completed bed bug prep.

Apply your Bed Bug Treatment Spray to all water-safe surfaces in your home. Pay close attention to your mattress, box spring, bed frame, and furniture.

Our bed bug spray is activated on contact. Make sure you use a HEPA vacuum to clean up any bed bug casings or eggs after every application.

Do a follow up bed bug treatment every 1-2 weeks. Do not unpack your belongings until you confirm that there are no signs of bed bugs in your home.
Protect yourself from bed bugs after the treatment is complete. Use a Bed Bug Mattress Cover to prevent bed bugs from entering or escaping your bed.



Stay proactive and protect yourself from bed bugs 24/7. While you can’t 100% prevent bed bugs, you can stop an infestation before it gets out of control.

Using a Bed Bug Mattress Encasement and Pillow Protector stops bed bugs from entering or escaping, so they can’t eat you alive while you sleep.
It’s highly likely that you will bring a bed bug infestation home while traveling. To avoid this, always use a Bed Bug Travel Spray.

I am an exterminator since 1991. Besides the high eficiency of the Bed Bug 911 Extermination Line, I feel safe because I know these are natural based products manufactured in the USA I can use anywhere, anytime.